Wheel Dozers

Every operation is looking for high production support machines. Cat wheel dozers combine the production capabilities of track-type tractors with the mobility and versatility of wheel loaders to give you an outstanding utility machine.


Large Wheel Dozers

834H Coal Scoop
834H Wood Chip Scoop
834K Scoops
844H Cat® C27 ACERT® 687 hp 156120 lb
844K Cat® C27 ACERT™ 752 hp 165089 lb
854K Cat® C32 ACERT™ 907 hp 224254 lb

Medium Wheel Dozers

Model Engine Model Net Power Operating Weight
814F Series 2 Cat® C9 ACERT™ 232 hp 47877 lb
824H Cat® C15 ACERT™ 354 hp 63325 lb
824H Coal Scoop Cat® C15 ACERT™ 354 hp 68064 lb
824H Wood Chip Scoop Cat® C15 ACERT™ 354 hp 71329 lb
824K Cat® C15 ACERT™ 405 hp 74966 lb