Fluid Analysis Parts List

Part Numbers Source of Supply Product Description Tests Performed Included with Order
A5000 963 Core Oil Analysis Program – Single Sample
A core oil analysis package for engine, transmission, hydraulic, final drive, differential, and other oil compartments.
  • Elemental Analysis - ASTM D5185
  • Physical tests for water (crackle test), fuel dilution and antifreeze
  • Oil condition analysis for soot, oxidation, sulphation and nitration – ASTM E2412-04 – Un-subtracted FTIR Method (UFM)
  • Viscosity at 100ēC – ASTM D445
1 sample bottle
Level I Coolant Analysis – Single Sample
A basic coolant analysis package.
  • Glycol %, freeze point, boil point
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Nitrite levels
  • Physical characteristics of coolant such as foaming, colour, oil contamination, precipitates, and odour
1 sample bottle
A5001 963 Core Oil/Coolant Analysis Program – Kit of 10 Samples
A package of 10 core oil/level I coolant analysis samples, Expedited Mailing Bags (which can hold up to 10 sample bottles each) for faster delivery
  • 10 Core SOS oil analysis or Level I coolant analysis
Kit of 10 samples And 2 Expedited Mailing Bags

Advanced Fluid Testing

TBN 963 Total Base Number
  • Performed on Engine Samples only
  • Must be ordered along with a Basic Oil Analysis Sample
  • Invoiced by the lab
TAN 963 Total Acid Number
  • Performed on Engine Samples only
  • Must be ordered along with a Basic Oil Analysis Sample
  • Invoiced by the lab
ZA103 963 Level II Coolant Analysis
  • Must be ordered along with a Level 1 Coolant Analysis Sample Bottle
  • Invoiced by the lab
Level II Coolant Analysis

Other Fluid Analysis Lab Parts:

Part Number Source of Supply Product Description
MAIL BAG 963 Expedited Canada Post Mailing Bag Fits 10 samples per bag
A5014 142 Fitting for Probalizer
Cat Sampling Parts:
1U-5718 000 Vacuum Pump (previously ACCUVAC)
1U-5719 000 Seal Kit for 1U-5718 Pump
162-8873 000 Probe, Holder
177-9343 000 Cap and Probe Group, 500 per box
1U-8757 000 Tubing-6.35mm (1/4in) O.D. x 30.5 m (100ft) rolls, 5 rolls per box
4C-4056 000 Tube – 7.9mm (5/16in) x 30.5m (100ft) rolls, 5 rolls per box
8T-9208 000 Probe, purging
1U-7648 000 Tube Cutter
1U-8589 000 Replacement Blades
8C-3446 000 Oil Sampling Valve (7/16 inch-12 – ext. thread)
3J-7354 000 O-Ring Seal for 8C3446
7X-3387 000 Oil Sampling Valve (1/4 inch-18 NPTF – ext. tread)
8C-3345 000 Oil Sampling Valve (M10x1 – ext. thread)
8T-7876 000 O-Ring Seal for 8C-3345
8C-3445 000 Dust Cap (Engine)
8C-3447 000 Dust Cap (Transmission)
8C-3451 000 Dust Cap (Hydraulic)
6V-0852 000 Dust Cap (Blank)
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